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Riding a horse in the park
"Ippovia del Gran Sasso" is the longest in Italy: a circuit that allows the exploration and appreciation of an extraordinary environmental and cultural heritage along old dirt roads, mule tracks and paths, through some landscapes of unspoiled beauty.
Morricana waterfalls
Waterfalls are rare in the mountains of Abruzzo. Sometimes, however, melting snows that have cloaked the peaks for months do successfully escape the clutches of the mountains as they tumble downwards, and create lovely cascades like the Morricana, on the Laga Mountains.
Canoes on the Sangro river
Sport and adventure can be combined, of course, descending many of the rivers here in a canoe or a kayak. Canoeing can be enjoyed along the Sangro, Aventino, Orta, Alento and Tirino rivers, in the lovely Celano gorge and on the river Aterno.
Monte Camicia
This solitary peak at 2,564 metres asl is the destination of the most famous on the eastern side of Gran Sasso.The itinerary starts at Fonte Vetica, on the Campo Imperatore plain.
National Park of Majella
Rugged, mighty Majella, its western slopes sheer and compact, rolls upwards into the Femmina Morta plateau, and on the east is furrowed by Abruzzo's wildest canyons. The Park is the location of some very interesting natural sites.
Hermitage of San Bartolomeo
The tiny hermitage of San Bartolomeo in Legio, etched out of a long rocky ledge, is nearby, lower down the same valley of Santo Spirito. Even its entrance is spectacular, via a stairway dug out of bare stone and piercing the ledge's rocky roof.
Lake of Scanno
Lake Scanno, the most attractive and popular of the Abruzzo lakes, together with the nearby historic town of Scanno, is the Sagittario valley's main tourist attraction. It attracts tourists who enjoy its environment and its climate.
Abruzzo attracts fans of dog-sledging, a sport using sleds pulled by teams of dogs.The energy of a team of huskies can be unleashed across a landscape that conjures up the Great North, but in the warm Mediterranean sunlight of Abruzzo's plateaux.
Snow trekking
Snow shoes, called ciàspole in dialect, are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the freedom of movement they allow without risk of sinking, in fresh, deep snow, and without being particularly expert in headway techniques.

Activity Holiday


From north south it
proves to be a goldmine
of places and treasures
to be explored and


With its 133 kilometres of coastline, the highest peaks of the Apennines; a system of intramountain plateaux, three major national parks, a regional park and over 30 reserves, Abruzzo is perfect for those who want an action holiday, where sport and exercise become not the aim but the means for savouring the region’s extraordinary environmental resources.
In fact from the coast to the mountains there is no lack of choice because Abruzzo locations offer countless opportunities for leisure activities immersed in nature and beautiful landscapes.

Lovers of mountain sports will discover the challenges of Abruzzo’s massifs and settings worthy of respect both in summer and in winter. Classic mountaineering, free climbing, ski touring, are all catered for in Abruzzo, whose scenarios require different levels of expertise.

The coast also boasts plenty of choice with the vast selection of pastimes available, including sailing, windsurfing, canoeing and fishing, all sorts of power water sports (including jet ski and water-skiing), fishing and underwater photography, diving, snorkelling.

Fans of active tourism, combining sport, nature, discovery and fun, will realize that there are few limits to exploring and getting to know Abruzzo: cycling, mountain biking, rambling with a backpack, on horseback, with skis, hang gliding, paragliding, by ultralight aircraft, gliding, on a motorbike, off-road, by kayak, by canoe, on skates...

The vast system of reliefs and hilly terrain between the sea and the mountains offers surprising itineraries for cycling fans. But it is above all the extreme variety of landscapes and natural environments that allow all types of sports to approach the region and the discovery of its extraordinary values: the only real limits are in the mind!

Throughout the year (and not only in winter, with snow, or in the height of summer), Abruzzo is a destination for fans of all kinds of active tourism, attracted by its mighty natural settings, unspoiled landscapes, the thousand trails through ravines, streams, endless highlands, lakes, forests, a wide-ranging coastline, challenging peaks and mountains, hills, ancient villages: a really exciting mix for a holiday out of the ordinary.

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