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Campo Felice is one of the few ski resorts in Italy that connects the two sides of the same mountain: Campo Felice side with Altopiano delle Rocche where we find accommodation facilities for tourists in Rocca di Cambio, Rocca di Mezzo e Rovere.
The Monte Magnola facilities are in Ovindoli, at the beginning of the Rocche plateau, in a setting of wild beauty within the Sirente-Velino Regional Park. Here is Europe's longest tapis roulant (235 m).
National Park of Gran Sasso
Park territory is typically mountainous and its scenarios frequently verge on alpine. It comprises two distinct mountain groups: the Gran Sasso d'Italia massif and the group above it, the Laga Mountains.
Rocca Calascio
Here we can find the extraordinary 13thcentury fortress of Rocca Calascio: its perfectly symmetrical, unadorned shape and its rational architectural layout, making this one of Europe's most beautiful and enchanting castles.
Known since the beginning of the last century, the ski area of Roccaraso-Rivisondoli is the most famous and best equipped in the Appennines and it is located at 1,250 metres above sea level on the 'Altopiani Maggiori' plateaus.
The Roccaraso-Rivisondoli ski basin has huge potential. Nature here is truly exceptional, characterised by the austere landscape of the 'Altopiani Maggiori' where the rounded mountain tops alternate with the valleys. This a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts.
Coffee bars and restaurants, chalets and refuges, all sited alongside the ski slopes, ensure you can relax with your skis off, catch a tan from the Mediterranean sun that shines on the Abruzzo mountains, or take the chill off around a blazing open hearth.
The range of winter sports practiced in Abruzzo includes more than just downhill skiing and snowboarding, since the striking variety of environments in the region's mountains provides scenarios for enjoying every other snow sport.
Many of Abruzzo's major ski resorts revolve around some lovely mountain towns and villages, many of which are thousands of years old. The old centres are well-provided with restaurants and pubs, but often also have mansions and castles, museums and churches.

Mountains in Winter


From north south it
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SKIING IN ABRUZZO The Mediterranean has a Snowcapped heart

Abruzzo is a land of mountains. Every glance at the horizon reveals rows of rocky peaks soaring skywards. These are the Majella, Gran Sasso, Laga and Sirente-Velino group massifs, to name just a few. A fantastic high-altitude world made up of the most formidable complex mountain range in the Apennines (with marked alpine features), strategically placed at the centre of Italy and the Mediterranean, with a strong, enduring layer of snow (often lasting until spring), with countless resorts and tourist facilities, and changing all the time.

A mountain context that offers top-notch, well-differentiated settings for an advanced level of the two main winter sports: downhill and cross-country skiing. The high mountains are perfect for downhill sports like skiing and snowboarding, while the sheer size of the many plateaux offers ideal locations for cross-country skiing. The many ski resorts are dotted evenly along the ample interior Apennine, from Mount Piselli in the north to Roccaraso and Pescasseroli to the south, touching on four parks: Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga, Majella, Sirente-Velino and Abruzzo-Lazio-Molise.

The biggest ski resorts in the Apennines, hundreds of kilometres of ski runs, excellent standards of snow, well-designed state-of-the-art facilities, a complete, efficient network of accessory structures and services. Abruzzo has no limits if you are a snow aficionado.

Of all Abruzzo’s resorts, the leader is the Upper Sangro skiing district, the largest in central-southern Italy and actually the seventh at national level for size and overall quality of ski runs and services. The district comprises Roccaraso (with its elegant shops and hotels, and the biggest sports facilities), Rivisondoli (famous for its live nativity tableau), and Pescocostanzo (with its exceptional Renaissance and Baroque old centre).

Opportunities for practising winter sports in Abruzzo are no longer limited to the best-known and popular like downhill and cross-country skiing or snowboarding: the exceptional variety of natural environments allows the Abruzzo mountains to offer the whole range of winter sports, from more extreme ski-touring to quiet family excursions with snowshoes, dog-sledging to sled-dog to ice climbing.

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