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Pescara has a modern airport with a daily domestic flight service (Bergamo, Cagliari, Catania, Olbia, Verona, Turin and Milan) and some seasonal international flights (Barcelona, Brussels, Bucarest, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, London, Oslo, Paris, Split)


All the mountain and hinterland centres can easily be reached thanks to an excellent internal road network and a good public and private bus service that connects Abruzzo to main Italian and European cities.


The Pescara station, key point of the entire Abruzzese railway system is considered among the most modern in Europe.

Abruzzo with its strategic position at the centre of the Adriatic coast is well connected to the north and the south by modern motorways and an efficient railway network. In less than three hours you can reach Bologna, Naples and Bari; in five hours Milan and Venice.



VisitAbruzzo_uk This weekend don’t miss the 41. Chickpeas and Saffron Festival in the old village of #Navelli (Aq) bit.ly/2u73JzG #Abruzzo pic.twitter.com/6NzjADj076
VisitAbruzzo_uk On August 20 live the experience of a harp concert at Rocca Calascio and back to S. Stefano di Sessanio. bit.ly/2vlyUeo #Abruzzo pic.twitter.com/UmiCQP25AN
VisitAbruzzo_uk Visit Lama dei Peligni a medieval mountain village in the province of Chieti. bit.ly/2woHZzV #Abruzzo #turismo #cultabruzzo pic.twitter.com/XQo14VkxTV
VisitAbruzzo_uk The beautiful gardens of Palazzo D'Avalos, symbol of the city, are overlooking the wonderful Vasto Gulf (Ch). #Abruzzo #turismo #cultabruzzo pic.twitter.com/2RLeYgwM4g
VisitAbruzzo_uk Discover the excursion that goes back to the Val Maone,excavated between the walls of the two Horns of the GranSasso bit.ly/2vFlre0 pic.twitter.com/bkJqseLTKS



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