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Cappelle sul Tavo

A small hill village between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennines, Cappelle sul Tavo presents itself to travelers with a historic center characterized by narrow, linear streets, with buildings that tell the architectures of the different eras of their construction. The heart of the village and its deepest identity are enclosed in a traditional event, the Palio delle Pupe: every year, for the Summer Festival, all the districts prepare their "pupa", a papier-mâché puppet depicting a beautiful woman: between games and fireworks, it recalls the spirit with which in ancient times the farmers tried to propitiate an abundant harvest for the following year. Between dances, entertainment and atmospheres of the past, it is an event not to be missed.

Provincia: Pescara

CAP: 65010

Altitudine: 129


42.4647516, 14.1032103

La chiesa della Beata Vergine Maria Lauretana, risalente al XVI secolo, sorge nei pressi del centro di Cappelle sul Tavo, addossata sul lato sinistro ai locali parrocchiali. Nel corso dei secoli ha subito diversi restauri e rifacimenti che ne hanno modificato l'aspetto originario.