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Pig Museum - Carpineto Sinello (ch)

The Ducal Castle of Carpineto Sinello houses the Pig Museum, unique in its kind, which aims to preserve and enhance the agro-food, cultural, socio-economic tradition that over the centuries has developed around the breeding of the pig. The museum is located in the production area of Ventricina, which after the Culatello is becoming one of the most famous brands of Italian gastronomy. The visit is a rediscovery of ancient craft traditions, aromas and flavors in the section dedicated to tasting.  Arranged on 3 levels, it occupies an area of about 1.The exhibition is organized in five sections: "Chi è il maiale" (Who is the pig); "La storia del maiale nella cultura e nell'economia rurale italiana, dal epoca romana al'oggi" (The history of the pig in the Italian culture and rural economy, from Roman times to the present day); the "Area didattica" (The didactic area); the "Allevamento e commercio dei suini nell'economia agroalimentare dell'Italia centro-meridionale: il ruolo storico di Carpineto Sinello" (The breeding and trade of pigs in central-southern Italy's agro-food economy: the historical role of Carpineto Sinello); "L'arte Salumiera abruzzese - in particular of Carpineto and Vastese - tra passato e presente" (The art of Abruzzo Cured meats and cold cuts). The exhibition areas are flanked by a Tasting and purchasing area. 

The museum is temporarily closed for restoration work. 


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Castello Ducale di Carpineto CARPINETO SINELLO


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