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"CALA LENTA" Three days among the scents and flavours of the Costa dei Trabocchi

"Cala Lenta" is an initiative that Slow Food Lanciano proposes every two years in July, dedicated to the sea, and in particular to that stretch of Adriatic coast that covers the entire province of Chieti, from Ortona to Vasto. 
The event was born from the desire to promote and support a new environmental and food culture, enhancing the Adriatic fish species with particular attention to blue fish and small scale fishing, as an example of sustainable development and environmentally friendly, promoting the wonders of the landscape of the so-called "Costa dei Trabocchi", the ancient fishing machines also dear to D'Annunzio.
The programme, spread over three days, involves all the centres of the coast according to a "widespread" model. meetings, conferences, workshops, itineraries and taste markets, as well as "the house of words", a space dedicated to reading with presentations of thematic publications (from environmental itineraries on the coast of the trabocchi, to local recipes, food essays, up to stories and novels). Everything to tell the story of the Abruzzo territory, discovering its cultural richness and beautiful landscapes. The protagonists of Cala Lenta will once again be the traps, "the great fishing machine, similar to the colossal skeleton of an antediluvian amphibian..." as Gabriele D'Annunzio defined them in the "Triumph of Death", extraordinary fishing constructions that exploit elementary techniques of joints and counterweights, always able to resist the sea. And it is precisely from the characteristic gesture of the "overflowing" when, waiting for dawn, the nets slowly descend releasing the peaks repeating an ancient ritual of Abruzzo maritime culture, which takes its name from the event, Cala Lenta, in fact.
Appointment, then in 2019 with the tenth edition of "CALA LENTA" three days of aromas and flavors of the Costa dei Trabocchi

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