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Goriano Sicoli

Overlooking the Subequana Valley and surrounded by woods and valleys, Goriali Sicoli stands on a hill from which the eye is lost to the horizon and caresses the green of the landscape. Coming from afar, the first thing you notice is the imposing bell tower, once a sentinel to defend the territory: the bell tower, in fact, rises, together with the lovely parish church, on what was once the ancient castle. The village and its houses accompany the slope and were protected by the massive walls, still visible. To see, outside the center, "I Cerri", a huge public forest where you can relax and stroll, and the railway, a monument that has taken on national importance for the great engineering work that was necessary for its construction.


Provincia: L'Aquila

CAP: 67030

Prefisso: 0864

Altitudine: 720


42.0814773, 13.7720818

Percorrendo i saliscendi dei vicoli e tra le caratteristiche abitazioni si trova la Chiesa di S. Francesco, appartenente all'antico monastero delle Clarisse.

The Hermitage is located in a magnificent position, suspended as a bridge overhanging between the narrow walls of the gorge of the same name on the river Aterno, in the Natural Reserve of the Gorges di San Venanzio, with paths and pitches equipped for visitors.

The guided Nature Reserve of the Gorges of S. Venanzio is a protected natural area established by the Abruzzo Region Law n.

La Riserva naturale guidata Gole di S. Venanzio è un'area naturale protetta istituita con legge della Regione Abruzzo n. 84. Copre un area di 1107 ettari, si colloca nel territorio del Comune di Raiano, in Provincia di L'Aquila.