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Naturalistic Museum "Nicola De Leone" - Penne (PE)

The Regional Nature Reserve of Lake Penne houses a nature museum on the environmental values of the protected area and the Vestino territory. The Naturalistic Museum, set up in a room of the Visitor Centre of the Reserve, owned by the municipality, was inaugurated on 8 May 1994, on the occasion of the presentation of the unpublished book "Birds of Abruzzo and Molise" by the illustrious ornithologist Nicola de Leone, who lived in Penne at the beginning of our century.
The Nicola de Leone Naturalistic Museum includes three sections: the first and the second naturalistic, the third of valorization of the territory and of the traditional activities. the museum has been set up an environmental telemonitoring system for the control of the fauna and the prevention of the forest fires, also used for didactic purposes, to show the public images of animals in their natural habitat, without causing any disturbance.
The Information Centre completes the first section, with a room equipped with computer equipment for processing environmental data, archiving images, the creation of numerous scientific and naturalistic texts The second nature section of the museum consists of the floro-fauna area of the Lake Penne Nature Reserve, where the Otter Centre of WWF Italy is located.The third section of enhancement of the territory and traditional activities, through professional training and recovery of ancient arts belonging to the Vestina tradition such as ceramics, wood and screen printing, represents the element of union between art, man and territory.


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