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Città S. Angelo
Città S. Angelo
Città Sant'Angelo

On the northern side of the Saline Valley, from a distance we can see the village of Città Sant'Angelo, situated on top of a hill: from up there, once we arrive, a breathtaking panorama awaits us, between green hills and areas cultivated by the patient hand of man. Before entering the village, however, we will meet the Church of the Madonna della Pace, of the sixteenth century, while in the center will welcome a verdant public park and the Church of St.

Nature Reserve Gorges of San Venanzio - Raiano (AQ)

The guided Nature Reserve of the Gorges of S. Venanzio is a protected natural area established by the Abruzzo Region Law n.

Monte Genzana and Alto Gizio Regional Nature Reserve

In the system of protected areas of the Abruzzo region, the Monte Genzana Alto Gizio Nature Reserve is of great importance as it is a connecting corridor for wildlife exchanges between the Abruzzo National Park and the Majella National Park. Established by Regional Law No.

"Zompo Lo Schioppo" Nature Reserve - Morino (AQ)

The Zompo Lo Schioppo Nature Reserve is located in the heart of the Apennines almost as a junction between the Simbruini mountains, the Cantari and the Ernici mountains in the Valle Roveto. The area that falls within the territory of the Municipality of Morino takes its name from the waterfall "Zompo lo Schioppo" whose water precipitates, in a marvelous scenery, from a very steep limestone wall making a jump of over 80 meters. The aquifer, contained in a system of still unknown karst cavities, rises after the winter rains, escapes and generates the waterfall right at the contact between the

Guided Nature Reserve of the Sagittario Gorges

The gorges of Sagittario are a typical river valley: for millions of years, the river has attacked, dug, eroded the rock, to form the current gorge, bounded by vertical rock walls. The scenario is truly extraordinary. D'Annunzio also describes the erosive power of Sagittarius in the drama "La fiaccola sotto il moggio". The whole area is part of the homonymous reserve, founded in 1991, covering about 450 hectares. Along the valley, there are thickets of willows and poplars, while Higher is the kingdom of beech-woods. The fauna is very rich. We find the wolf, the wild cat, the deer, the roe a

"La Camosciara" Integral Reserve

La Camosciara is the area of greatest naturalistic and landscape interest in the whole territory of the Park. The reserve offers the unusual spectacle of the absolute dominion of nature; its amphitheater, with its dolomitic appearance, has always been the wildest place in the Abruzzo National Park. It is here that all the animal species of the Park live in freedom: Lupo Appenninico, Camoscio d'Abruzzo, Marsican Brown Bear, Deer, Roe deer and even Aquila Reale. The path to follow is bordered by a fence, which can not be bypassed. The start of the trail is 13 km from Pescasseroli; 8 km from O

Valle dell'Orfento Nature Reserve

The Orfento River gives the name to the splendid valley that from the main peaks of the Majella Massif descends to the village of Caramanico Terme; over millions of years, the water has dug a narrow ravine today covered by a thick riparian vegetation on which willow, ferns and mosses stand out. Since 1980, deer and roe deer have been reintroduced into the valley, which over the years have reproduced the entire western side of the Park. Today the valley is crossed by an articulated network of paths with access points on both sides. From the village of Caramanico start the two paths for Ponte

Gole del Salinello Nature Reserve (Teramo)

In the province of Teramo, located within the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, in Abruzzo, near the border with the Marches, there is one of the most fascinating valleys of the Apennines, the Gole del Salinello Nature Reserve. The Gorges of Salinello are a protected natural area to protect the deep gorges created by the Salinello river, between the Foltrone and Girella mountains, also known as the Gemelli Mountains, which, over the millennia, has been able to grasp landscapes of uncontaminated beauty and hiking trails of unspeakable charm, characterized by springs, waterfalls,

Oriented Natural Reserve of Fara San Martino - Palombaro (CH)

It is located in the heart of the Majella and has an extension of 4,202 hectares between the two common names in the province of Chieti. The reserve is characterized by extensive mountain pine formations, vast beech forests and spontaneous black pine cores. Remarkable is the presence of several herbaceous and shrub species of high scientific and naturalistic value.

Monte Salviano Nature Reserve - Avezzano (AQ)

Established with LR n.134 of 23/12/99, the Regional Nature Reserve of Monte Salviano was born with the signing of the memorandum of understanding between the National Park of Abruzzo and the municipality of Avezzano, on the one hand to safeguard a resource precious environment and on the other to recover pre-existing structures in a state of abandonment, giving back to them cultural, social and economic functions essential for the community. The territory is connected on one side through the Circonfucenze, to the National Park of Abruzzo and on the opposite side, along the dried up basin of

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