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Civitella Rovereto
Civitella Roveto

Civitella Roveto is a medieval village enclosed, like a treasure to be protected, by a massive system of fortified walls, which are still well preserved and reminiscent of past centuries, the struggles of conquest, the hard and endless battles. Today the town is divided in two: the modern part, built after the earthquake of 1915, is located on the right bank of the river, while the oldest part is on the opposite bank, on an isolated spur, as a further defense against attacks. The center tells its story with the elegant palaces, with the beautiful portals of houses carved by local stonecutte

Cappelle sul Tavo
Cappelle sul Tavo

A small hill village between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennines, Cappelle sul Tavo presents itself to travelers with a historic center characterized by narrow, linear streets, with buildings that tell the architectures of the different eras of their construction. The heart of the village and its deepest identity are enclosed in a traditional event, the Palio delle Pupe: every year, for the Summer Festival, all the districts prepare their "pupa", a papier-mâché puppet depicting a beautiful woman: between games and fireworks,


From the top of the hill on which it stands and from which it once controlled the territory in fear of enemy attacks, Moscufo dominates the whole valley, giving the inhabitants and travelers a panorama of great beauty. The area is inhabited from the farthest times and Moscufo was an ancient Roman "pagus", originally built further south than the current town, as shown by the many finds found. But the heart and symbol of the village is olive oil. In fact, Moscufo is part of the "golden triangle of oil" with Pianella

Magliano de Marsi
Magliano de' Marsi

Magliano de 'Marsi is located at the foot of the Monte Velino massif, surrounded by unspoiled nature that seems to have never been touched by the hand of man.

Territory of ancient history, where the village rises, so much that in its vicinity we can admire one of the most important archaeological sites in Italy, Alba Fucens.

Di IntrodacquaAQ - Opera propria, CC BY-SA 3.0,

In the heart of the Peligna Valley, surrounded by woods and pine forests where rare plants grow, we find the ancient medieval town of Introdacqua: its name comes from its location between two rivers. The village has an ancient history, which begins with the monks of the abbey of San Clemente, who sent here the first settlers to cultivate their lands. The traces of the Middle Ages can be read in the remains of the ancient fortified fortress, where there is the Tower that in past centuries was protection and lookout of the village. Everything here shows the signs of a story that began a long

Pettorano sul Gizio
Pettorano sul Gizio

Between the green of the woods and the soft heights of the mountains that guard it as a jewel to protect, Pettorano sul Gizio stands in the middle of a landscape of great beauty, with the colors and atmospheres typical of the interior Abruzzo. Particular is the history of its most ancient center: devastated by the earthquake of 1706, it was entirely rebuilt and in fact its architectures are of eighteenth-century mold. The majestic Castello Cantelmo, which in the past was one of the most important garrisons in the area, remains from the medieval period. From the irregular plant, the Castle e

Città S. Angelo
Città S. Angelo
Città S. Angelo
Città Sant'Angelo

On the northern side of the Saline Valley, from a distance we can see the village of Città Sant'Angelo, situated on top of a hill: from up there, once we arrive, a breathtaking panorama awaits us, between green hills and areas cultivated by the patient hand of man. Before entering the village, however, we will meet the Church of the Madonna della Pace, of the sixteenth century, while in the center will welcome a verdant public park and the Church of St.

Nature Reserve Gorges of San Venanzio - Raiano (AQ)

The guided Nature Reserve of the Gorges of S. Venanzio is a protected natural area established by the Abruzzo Region Law n.

Monte Genzana and Alto Gizio Regional Nature Reserve

In the system of protected areas of the Abruzzo region, the Monte Genzana Alto Gizio Nature Reserve is of great importance as it is a connecting corridor for wildlife exchanges between the Abruzzo National Park and the Majella National Park. Established by Regional Law No.

"Zompo Lo Schioppo" Nature Reserve - Morino (AQ)

The Zompo Lo Schioppo Nature Reserve is located in the heart of the Apennines almost as a junction between the Simbruini mountains, the Cantari and the Ernici mountains in the Valle Roveto. The area that falls within the territory of the Municipality of Morino takes its name from the waterfall "Zompo lo Schioppo" whose water precipitates, in a marvelous scenery, from a very steep limestone wall making a jump of over 80 meters. The aquifer, contained in a system of still unknown karst cavities, rises after the winter rains, escapes and generates the waterfall right at the contact between the

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