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The city of Aufidena housed the Samnites, the pentri, the proud inhabitants of these mountains devoted mainly to pastoralism, who were able to oppose with stubbornness to the overwhelming power of the Romans. This center of ancient origin has brought back considerable evidence of pre-Roman age. On the hill, where the castle stands, there are traces of the fortified city of Samnites. The necropolis of Campo Consolino, found near the town around the year 1882, with tombs dating from the late seventh to the beginning of the second century BC, has provided fundamental elements for the knowledge of the Samnite civilization from the fourth century BC to the Roman conquest. Agriculture and transhumant breeding have characterized the subsistence economy of this area up to the end of 1800, also considering the isolation determined by the distance from the main routes of communication and commercial exchange. The position of Alfedena along the innermost of the tratturi (Pescasseroli-Candela), reserved for flocks to reach the pastures of Puglia, has naturally assigned to this town an important role during the transhumance period. Today's reality is very different from the past. Alfedena with a careful work of recovery and enhancement of its historical and environmental heritage has built its new "face" of tourist resort, for the summer and winter stay, to which it entrusts its future. The geographical and territorial belonging is to the vast territory of the National Park of Abruzzo-Lazio and Molise, but its position, very close to the road junction for Naples, easily connects it to the tourist area of Castel di Sangro - Cinque Miglia Plateau.

Municipality: Via Luigi De Amicis, 3 - Alfedena (AQ) Tel. 0864.87114 www.comune.alfedena.aq.it
Tourist Office: Piazza Umberto I - Alfedena (AQ) Tel. 0864.87394

Provincia: L'Aquila

CAP: 67030

Prefisso: 0864

Altitudine: 914


41.7345278, 14.0331557