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A journey through the flavours of the Abruzzo region

Abruzzese cuisine has many souls given the variety of the territory and the cultures that coexist in it. If we are in the hinterland of the Region, on the one hand we have the evolution of agro-pastoral cuisine, that of farmers and "poor" shepherds of the mountain and foothills areas made of simple and tasty dishes, of sheep meat, soups and soups, cheeses and aromatic herbs, on the other there is the "cultured and bourgeois" of Teramo, capable of enhancing primary flavors with more complex preparations: timbale of scrippelle; "Mazzarelle"; "virtue". On the other hand, if we move along the coast, we find a less evocative cuisine, but not for this less important, that is the so-called marinara cuisine. Along the one hundred and thirty kilometers of coastline it declines the variety of fish with simplicity and flavor, going to marry the heritage of vegetables and vegetables of the hills close to the coast.

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Zafferano oro navelli
10 März 20

Safran - Crocus Sativus aus der Familie der Iridaceae - ist eine etwa 15 cm hohe Pflanze mit rosa-lila Blüten und scharlachroten Stigmen, die für medizinische, aromatische und färb


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