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Holy Spirit Museum Pole - Lanciano (CH)

The Polo Museale Santo Spirito is the museum of the City of Lanciano in the province of Chieti, houses the Archaeological Museum and 2 rooms for temporary exhibitions. The archaeological museum of Lanciano, located in the restored fourteenth-century monastic complex of Santo Spirito, one of the oldest buildings in the city, preserves finds of exceptional archaeological value, evidence of the history of the city and its territory over thousands of years.
The exhibition, extraordinarily rich in finds that show how man has lived continuously in the territory of Lanciano for over 3,000 years, starts from the fifth millennium BC with the Neolithic village of Marcianese, continues with the first village on the site of the city, dating from the late Bronze and Iron Ages and with the precious funerary equipment attributable to the Italic people of Frentano (VI / IV century BC). The exhibition concludes with the finds that can be connected to the important medieval city where the potters from Lausanne produced the refined vases in archaic, polychrome and monochrome majolica, exported at least in the region. The museum also houses finds from excavations carried out in the Frentano territory in order to reconstruct the structure of the area gravitating on Lanciano, finds from the Villas of Mozzagrogna - Colle Pizzuto and San Vito Chietino - Murata Bassa, and the burial kits discovered in the area surrounding the Abbey of San Giovanni in Venere.


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