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Visitor center of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise - Pescasseroli (AQ)

Opened in 1969, owned by the Park Authority, it is a structure of information, education and environmental interpretation that exhibits materials and documents related to the Abruzzo fauna, geological structure of the territory, tradition. The Visitor Centre includes:
- Naturalistic Museum, introduces visitors to the knowledge of the Park through dioramas, models, luminous panels and thematic exhibitions and also has a conference and projection room with a rich collection of naturalistic films; 
- Wildlife Park, equipped area where it is possible to observe specimens of the main fauna of the Park. The animals in the Visitor Centre were not caught in the wild, but were found to be injured or having problems that prevented them from living in the wild. Currently, the Centre hosts a specimen of a Marsican bear, a deer, an otter and two roe deers. During some periods of the year it can happen to find empty fences available to any animals in need of care;
- Apennine garden, representative of the Apennine flora, shows the most beautiful and showy blooms of the Park and an educational pond. In the garden are cultivated plant species typical of the various environments of the Park.
Among the trees and shrubs live in freedom: squirrels, woodpeckers, tits, crampons and finches that have spontaneously colonized the garden.

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