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Santuario della Madonna d'Appari - Paganica (AQ)

It is situated on the path that connects the two villages of Paganica and Camarda, on the road that from L'Aquila goes up to the Gran Sasso, in a suggestive position inside a gorge. Its construction dates back to the 13th century following the presumed vision of Our Lady of Sorrows with the dead Christ in her womb by a local woman, the shepherdess Maddalena Chiaravalle.

The population of the village first built a votive shrine dedicated to the Madonna, then a small temple built against the rocky massif. Between the fourteenth and fifteenth century the facade was built and, subsequently, the structure was enlarged with the construction of the openings to the stream Raiale (1519), the enlargement of the central body (1559) and the installation of the painting by Pompeo Musonio entitled Madonna del Santissimo Rosario with the fifteen mysteries (1956). The sanctuary is narrow between a rocky wall and the course of the river Raiale, tributary of the Aterno, which constitute a natural sanctuary. The facade is simple and characterized by a portal with a round arch, a circular window and a bell tower with three arches. The interior, with a single nave and cross vaulted ceilings, is cut transversally by two structural arches and is entirely frescoed with the technique of comic strip representation. The presbytery, probably the oldest area of the building, is rotated with respect to the axis of the church and irregular in shape due to its adjacency with the rocky wall.

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SS17bis, 67100 Paganica AQ

0862 68316 - 3386765768

42.3633955, 13.464756

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