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Pescara river

The river Pescara is the second largest river in Italy that flows into the Adriatic, after the river Po. The total length from the Aterno springs to the sea is 145 km and crosses the Abruzzo from west to east. The river Pescara comes from the homonymous source upstream of Popoli. And after a short journey, at the confluence of the river Aterno and Sagittario, it receives its waters and takes the name of the river Pescara. Before flowing into the Adriatic, along the way, receives the waters of various tributaries: Swan, Garden, Nora, Tirino and Orta. The mouth, located in the port channel, is located in the town of the city of Pescara.

Since 1986, the entire area of the springs of Pescara, in Popoli, is Regional Natural Reserve. The Reserve protects the vast mirror of transparent water created by the numerous springs and underwater pools. The waters come directly from Campo Imperatore, the vast plateau of the Gran Sasso, after a journey lasting about 30 days, and are concentrated in the area of Capo Pescara, creating a unique spectacle. The Reserve can be visited all year round and, by contacting the Information Point, you can get all the news for an interesting visit to the protected area.

Pescara (PE)

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