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Museo Di Jorio - Atri

"Antonio di Jorio" Museum Archive - Atri (TE)

The last museum to be built in Atri in recent years is the "Antonio di Jorio" Museum Archive, opened in 1996. It is located in the hall of the Municipal Theatre and was named after one of the most illustrious musicians of Abruzzo in the twentieth century. The institution was possible thanks to the generosity of the daughter of the Master who wanted to donate to the city of Atri his manuscripts, relics, the rich epistolary and the private library. One of the primary purposes of the Archive is the preservation and diffusion of the musician's work and it is composed of different sections: one dedicated to the manuscript work, the epistolary and the private library, the others to the relics, the photographs, the diplomas and the personal memories. The visit is free and open to all, while the consultation of the manuscript works is allowed on request to scholars in the field of music, literature and art. Owned by the municipality of Atri, the Archive is open to the public even in the range of shows and concerts.

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