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Museo Geopaleontologico

Upper Aventine Geopaleontology Museum - Palena (CH)

The Museum, the only one of its kind in Abruzzo, is housed in the Ducal Castle of Palena, a recently restored building dating back to the 11th century. It consists of three sections: the Knowledge Room, the Aventine Room, the Palena Room.
The first one didactically illustrates general aspects of geology, petrography and paleontology. The Sala Aventino illustrates the paleo-environmental and paleontological aspects of Mount Porrara, the southern Majella and the Pizi mountains. In the Sala Palena important paleontological finds recovered from the deposit of Capo Fiume are exhibited: fish, vertebrates, botanical remains.
The central hall is dedicated to the large mammals of the Quaternary. In the area of "Geology-play", the youngest visitors to the museum can, through play, learn about geological processes, recognize rocks and simulate a palaeontological excavation.

FOR RESERVATIONS VISITS: Cultural Association Majella Madre Cell. 3492547251

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