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Casa museo Spoltore - Lanciano

"Federico Spoltore" Museum - Lanciano (CH)

The "Federico Spoltore" Museum, recognized by the Abruzzo Region in 2001, documents the cultural and artistic experience of Federico Spoltore. To the furniture and art objects already owned by the Spoltore family, were added the most significant works of the painter who saw the light and worked within those walls. The Historical Archive is connected to the Museum and was notified by the Abruzzo Archival Superintendence in 1999 because the documents it contains "contribute to outlining the traits of an artistic personality of international standing", as stated in the motivation of the measure of constraint, representing a testimony to the historical and cultural incisiveness of Spoltore's activity and intellectual commitment. The Library offers support to those who study and research the work of the Artist and the artistic movements of the twentieth century.


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