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Pinacoteca Civica - Vasto (CH)

The historic Palazzo d'Avalos houses, in addition to the Museum, also the Municipal Picture Gallery. On the second floor, the large rooms of the Marchesale apartment house the works of Filippo, Nicola, Francesco Paolo and Giuseppe Palizzi. The exhibition allows us to retrace the salient moments of the artistic formation of these 4 great brothers who, with their art, have honored their City of origin and Abruzzo. In addition to the works of Palizzi, we find the paintings of Gabriele Smargiassi, Francesco Paolo Michetti and Giulio Aristide Sartorio.
On the first floor, there is the Collection of Contemporary Art which originates from the permanent exhibition "Mediterranean" presenting works by eight artists in comparison. There are eighty works by four Italian artists - Bonichi, Carmassi, De Stefano, Falconi - and four Spanish artists - Mensa, Orellana, Ortega, Quetglas. The paintings come from the donation Paglione-Olivares.

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