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Ancient Village and Gypsum Museum - Gessopalena (CH)

Gypsum, in addition to its geological and speleological value, has an exceptional cultural value for many towns in the Aventine valley. The most complex and spectacular aspects of Gessopalena can be seen in the use of this stone in the building industry, which has given rise to a real village. Placed one on top of the other, the houses follow the profile of the rock, dug and shaped to create stairs, niches and fireplaces.  Today the ancient village is reduced to a series of ruins, but it can be interesting to visit it, observing how the houses of a remote time had underground compartments and other outbuildings, such as niches, stairs, fireplaces, carved out of the gypsum rock: a way of making up for the scarce economic resources by providing a family shelter offered, so to speak, by nature itself.
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Piazzale Marino Turchi, 66010 Gessopalena (CH)

42.0568003, 14.2730448