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Iuvanum - Montenerodomo (CH)

Iuvanum is an important archaeological site, classified by the Ministry of Environmental Heritage "archaeological area of ​​national interest". It is located on the eastern side of the Majella and near Montenerodomo, next to the ruins of the Abbey of Santa Maria del Palazzo. The ancient Juvanum was founded by the Carecini of Samnite lineage, then from the 1st century BC it became a Roman municipality, ascribed to the Arniense tribe, and had considerable development in the medieval period. Currently, the sanctuary of the fourth century BC remains from the Samnite period. with two twin temples and a small theater with scenes and stone steps, among the most beautiful discovered until today in the province of Chieti. The archaeological remains of the Roman era are well preserved and can be visited today: paved streets - among which the most important is the Via Orientale -, the Forum like a large rectangular square closed on three sides by "tabernae" - shops and public buildings . Next to the Forum there are the remains of a pagan basilica, perhaps dedicated to the cult of the emperor. At the entrance to the area, there is a Museum set up with 28 panels illustrating the naturalistic and archaeological emergencies of the territory. The site is managed by the municipality of Montenerodomo.