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Santuario Madonna delle Grazie - Monteodorisio (CH)

Located at the entrance of the village, it occupies the area where there was a sixteenth-century chapel dedicated to the Madonna delle Grazie. Its construction began in 1886 following a prodigious event: during the restoration of the church, a crack had begun to gush from the water that had inexplicably healed a sick child.

The news spread to neighboring countries and hundreds of people flocked every day to drink miraculous water. Out of devotion, the population of Monteodorisio decided to erect a larger church there. A brick kiln was built near the river Sinello and from here the people, lined up for over three km, passed the material to build the sanctuary, which was consecrated on September 1, 1895. The building presents a soaring architecture with splendid cross vaults and valuable frescoes. The interior has a Latin cross with three naves. On the marble throne there is the statue of the Madonna delle Grazie with a crown of twelve stars on the head. The façade is divided into three parts with three round-headed gates; the central one is dominated by a Gothic style rose window. There are numerous recognised miracles, witnessed in a hall full of ex-voto. A monumental staircase, 60 meters long and with 100 steps, connects the Sanctuary to the ancient village. Every year, on the first Sunday of September, a solemn feast is celebrated with great participation by the pilgrims.



Largo Madonna delle Grazie, Monteodorisio (CH)

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