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The Way of the Sea

It is a route to do by car or motorbike that in three days leads from Città Sant'Angelo to Sulmona passing through Nocciano and Popoli.
Leaving the city, head towards Collecorvino and then touch Loreto Aprutino and Nocciano. Pass the Abruzzo hills, the trip will touch Pietranico and Pescosansonesco, passing the Roccatagliata pass and then descending towards Bussi sul Tirino and Popoli. On the third day, via Roccacasale you will arrive in Sulmona.
It is an evocative itinerary that offers numerous ideas for both historical and environmental stops to visit the places you meet.
A stop in Loreto Aprutino is a must to visit the Palazzo dei Baroni Acerbo where is located the gallery of the ancient Abruzzo ceramics signed Grue, Cappelletti, Fuina and Lolli who were masters in the Teramo village of Castelli.
Going down to Popoli it is a must to visit the Ducal Tavern, which started out as a shop house. Another stop is Roccacasale, a charming mountain village in the Valle Peligna in the center of the Abruzzese Apennines, located on the slopes of Monte della Rocca. The center, built on the bare rock extends towards the valley below. In the highest part, the ancient village is crossed through ramps or steps, interspersed with flat cross roads.
The journey ends in Sulmona, which legend has it founded by Solimo, Aene's flight companion from the destruction of Troy. Since its origins it has been a nerve center and rich in the Italian population of Peligni. It is also famous for having given birth to Ovid.

Di Luca Aless - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=41423675 - detail

Lunghezza Km: 119

Durata: 2 h, 53 min.

Punto di Partenza: Città Sant'Angelo

Punto di Arrivo: Sulmona

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