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Roccacaramanico is a splendid medieval village, hamlet of the municipality of Sant' Eufemia in Maiella, in the province of Pescara. It rises on the slopes of Morrone at 1080 mt. is the highest centre of the province. In winter, the snowfall is very consistent, with an average fall of 3 m per year, and holds the Italian snow record: 10 m in 1929, and the world record of falling of this in a single day: 3.60 m on December 17,1961.  Years ago, it was called the "ghost country" because it was completely uninhabited. Now this bunch of charming stone houses, perched on the mountain with a tower-like configuration, thanks to targeted recovery operations, especially at weekends and in summer, return to life. The streets of this unspoilt corner are animated by families and young people who spend their holidays and free time here in the peace and beauty of nature, in the heart of the Majella National Park. In the last summers, it was the site of the Roccacaramanico Festival.

This delightful village can now boast a coveted recognition. In fact, as part of the project organised by the National Youth Forum, which has led to the identification throughout Italy of an itinerary of excellence of 500 "wonders" identified among landscapes, cultural sites, historians of particular value and interest, has been declared "Italian Wonderland".