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In its parks, perfectly adapted to survive in a world of rocky walls and steep slopes, to the whimsical mountain climate and ambushes of bears, wolves and eagles.

The Abruzzo chamois or Apennine chamois, subspecies of chamois which are distinct from the Alpine and Pyrenean chamois, is considered by all to be the most beautiful in the world. It is agile and elegant in its movements, it has magnificent horns and a beautiful cloak.
The male measures up to 130 cm in length, for a height of up to 80 cm at the withers. The weight is never more than half a quintal. The female is generally smaller in size and more slender in shape. 
It differs from the other species of chamois mainly due to the horns, which although having the characteristic hook shape are longer, up to 30 cm and more, compared to the 20 cm average of the other species. During the summer months, the fleece has a reddish colouration with the ventral parts and the head that fade into yellowish, in winter the fleece mute and the fleece becomes longer and thicker and of a brownish-brown colour on the back, tail, belly and legs, while the back, the muzzle and the forehead are yellowish in colour. In both summer and winter, Abruzzo chamois has a characteristic strip of dark hair that covers the eyes like a mask and a light spot on the throat, accompanied by a brown band along the neck: these ornaments are exclusive to these animals. From this band derives the scientific name of the subspecies called "ornate".