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Museum of Maritime Culture - Tortoreto (TE)

The museum of maritime culture was built in Tortoreto Lido, in Via Nazionale Nord, 1 in 1998 by the cultural association "Colligere". The initiative aims to collect examples of tools used by local fishermen in past years and various examples of marine biology to enhance the marine culture. In the museum you can admire many tools used for fishing, such as a boat, called "Lampara" because it is equipped with large lamps to attract fish at night. You can admire fishing nets and typical "pots" in the shape of cages used to catch cuttlefish and various examples of knots used by sailors. As far as marine biology is concerned, there is a vast exhibition of shells, in different sizes, as well as specimens of mussels, tellins and clams. There are also exhibits of crab, lobster, ballfish, turtle shell, starfish, seahorse, sponges, sea birds, etc.. The museum is flanked by a widely documented library on the sea, fishing, biology, history and literature, both local and national.

La sede è a Tortoreto Lido in via Nazionale Nord, 1 
zona PEEP, palazzina "D'Eugenio" ,1° piano. 
Tel. 0861.789180-775110. 
Ingresso gratuito.

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