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Cece di Navelli (Presidio Slow Food)

The cultivation of this legume has a long tradition, certainly deeply rooted in the Middle Ages, which must be protected in every way given the small number of producers left in Navelli and the surrounding villages - it is no coincidence that it is a Slow Food Presidium. The production comes from selected fields, well drained and exposed to the sun. Sowing takes place between March and April, while harvesting takes place in summer, between the end of July and the end of August. In August, a great festival is organized in which excellent local recipes are prepared, such as stewed chickpeas or saffron. Going back with the memory, chickpeas were eaten in soup, cooked with pasta or reduced into flour to make the fracchiata, a polenta of flour from various legumes and cereals. The chickpeas roasted in a pot with wine were a dish offered in convivial moments, in cellars and during religious holidays. The chickpeas boiled, crushed and mixed with honey are the filling of the typical Christmas cakes called "calcionetti", as well as the ritual dish that opened the dinner of the Christmas Eve was the soup of chickpeas and chestnuts.

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