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Grano Solina dell'appennino abruzzese (Presidio Slow Food)

Solina is the common wheat typical of the Abruzzo mountains for its production consistency on soils that are not very fertile and for its resistance to cold. Its flour gives almost forgotten flavours to baked goods and pasta. It is an example of the recovery of a very ancient cultivation, which confirms the Abruzzo biodiversity in agriculture: its cultivation is rather demanding but about ten farmers are carrying on the valorization of this ancient variety. It has also become a Slow Food Presidium. 
It is a characteristic grain especially in the mountainous areas of the L'Aquila side, where it has developed an attachment to the difficult environment and the ability to survive for months under snow. From the seed is produced a very rustic flour, tenacious and suitable for processing, with which for centuries in Abruzzo have been produced homemade bread and pasta such as sagne and macaroni on guitar. Two preparations in particular are made using the flour of solina: the pastry for the timballi and the scrippelle (typical crepes of the teramano) in broth.

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