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Abruzzo Apennines Honeys - Slow Food Presidium

For centuries, before the arrival of sugar, honey was the only sweet food. In Abruzzo, as in other regions, it is still present in traditional recipes, in particular those linked to religious celebrations. In pastry is still widely used, as in Carnival is the protagonist of the "cicerchiata", crisp balls of fried dough covered with honey.
30% of the Abruzzo territory is part of a system of Parks and Nature Reserves, which is why many beekeepers move their apiaries from one protected area to another. Thanks to the biodiversity of the flora, excellent honey can be obtained here. In the area of Gran Sasso, Monti della Laga and Sirente Velino there are two excellent monofloral honeys made from the most typical essences: the saint and the witchcraft. Very interesting is also the millefiori, produced on mountain pastures, with characteristic scents and hints: delicate and floral in spring, more decisive in late honeys.
Today, few beekeepers can produce these rare single-flower honeys. The Slow Food Presidium was created with the aim of preserving and increasing their production because it means recognising the fundamental role played by beekeepers and bees in safeguarding biodiversity. 

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