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Salsiccia di fegato aquilana (Presidio Slow Food)

Liver sausage is a product that is at risk of disappearing due to changes in consumer tastes. The production is limited to a few craftsmen: the Slow Food Presidium wants to enhance this historical production, reintroducing where possible also the breeding of the Abruzzo pigs with black hair, now almost extinct. L'Aquila sausage, known as "cicolana", is a historic sausage. Following the ritual, every year the pig was killed between December and January, to take advantage of the nocturnal frosts that facilitated the maturation and preservation of the meat. The main ingredients of this sausage are heart, liver and tongue, to which lean and fat meat, always pork, and spices are added: pepper, garlic and chilli for the classic liver sausage, while for the sweet one honey is added.
The exact doses of the spices to be used are jealously guarded by the butchers who are handed down the ritual in the family. The meat is kneaded and stuffed into the natural casing, tied by hand with a twist in the center of the sausage which gives it the characteristic horseshoe shape.

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