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Naturismo in Abruzzo

Naturism in Abruzzo


Naturists are women, men, seniors and children who share nudity in common with total naturalness and as an expression of psychophysical well-being, always, however, in respect of themselves and others. The love for nature means that the ideal condition for practicing naturism is in the open air, surrounded by green vegetation, enveloped in the blue of the sky, invigorated by the yellow of the sun and chilled by the clarity of the water.

In 2013 the most advanced regional law on naturism was approved in Abruzzo, a formidable tool for the promotion and social acceptance of a philosophy of healthy, respectful life, attentive to the needs of all and whose ultimate goal is the wellbeing of the person and, in year 2014 has come to the recognition of the first beach officially dedicated to naturist practice.

To date, the beach of Punta Lido le Morge of Torino di Sangro (CH) is the only naturist beach officially recognized by a public body along the entire Italian Adriatic coast.

The beach was born in Abruzzo in May 2009 with the task of promoting naturism in this region and spread its principles to the general public and institutions. The association regularly organizes events with an ever-increasing participation of naturists coming also from outside the Region


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