Museo Civico Archeologico - Sulmona

Sulmona - Civic Museum

Founded by the historian Antonio De Nino at the end of the 800 and subsequently enhanced, the Museum is located inside the Palazzo della SS. Annunziata and consists of an archaeological section with findings from the city and the surrounding area: collections of coins, documents, prehistoric materials from the Bronze Age, funerary objects from the Italic and Roman era, architectural remains and sculptural fragments of the ancient Roman Sulmo that they were found by chance inside the inhabited area, characterized by armored discs with rich geometric decorations, characteristic bronzes depicting Hercules fighting, whose cult was widespread among the peligni, coins of the Republican and imperial era and much more rich lapidary material to testify of the importance of the city at the time of the Romans.
The medieval section can be accessed through the stairway of 1535 which branches off to the left of the entrance hall. The five rooms welcome medieval, renaissance and baroque works. Moreover, a precious city cadastre of 1376 is present.
In addition to this you can admire numerous paintings, frescoes, statues, objects of sacred jewelery of the treasure of the Pio Istituto dell'Annunziata, crosses, chalices and coins minted by the Mint of Sulmonese established in 1382.
Among the most valuable works: a fifteenth-century diptych with Sant'Onofrio and La Maddalena, attributed to the "Master of the Triptych of Beffi" and an oil painting on canvas depicting "St. Benedict writing the Rule" by Raffaello Mengs of 1758.

The Museum is currently closed for works.

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