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Celestinian forgiveness celebration, intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity- L'Aquila


Inscribed in 2019  on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity the Celestinian forgiveness celebration was inspired by Pope Celestine V, who issued a historical ‘Bull’ as an act of partnership among local populations.

Taking place in the city and province of L’Aquila, the tradition comprises a set of rituals and celebrations transmitted uninterruptedly since 1294. The practice conveys a sense of continuity and cultural identity for the whole community. The ‘Forgiveness Walk’ opens with the lighting of the ‘Fire of Morrone’ and its descent, accompanied by a candlelight procession. The procession proceeds along a traditional itinerary marked by the lighting of tripods in each of the twenty-three villages involved, where the mayor signs a parchment recalling the Bull’s symbolic values. The community gathering ends on 23 August in L’Aquila with the lighting of the last tripod. Drums, clarions and flag bearers enliven and mark the rhythm of the Parade, which involves 1000 citizens dressed in traditional costumes. Participants walk along with the three main characters – the ‘Lady of the Bull’, the ‘Young Lord’ and the ‘Lady of the Cross’ – symbolizing the traditional values of the celebration: hospitality, solidarity and peace. The meanings and traditional practices of the element are transmitted through tales told at home, in schools and in community gathering places, and the community’s constant participation in the celebration has ensured its viability over time.



foto: Maria, cc-by-nc-nd- 2.0

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