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Forconium - Civita di Bagno (Aq)

In the middle Aterno Valley, near the outlaying village of Civita di Bagno, there is the archaeological site of the Medieval Civitas S. Maxim in Comitatu Furconensi.

The several excavations of the last years have brought to light an interesting monumental building, which testifies the presence of a settlement of the late republican age. The epigraphic data and the finds contribute to outline the characteristics of the area. Actually, a few archaeological evidences were already known inside the town where, beside later buildings, it was and is possible to see parts of the old town-walls, remains of a Roman building below San Massimo Cathedral and of a bathing-establishment enclosed in the foundations of the sixteenth-century Villa Oliva; furthermore, the temple of the goddess Feronia, discovered and covered again with earth in the Seventies, besides several funeral and dedicatory inscriptions, which confirm the existence of a Roman town.

L.T. 04-02-2021

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