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San Vincenzo Valle Roveto

San Vincenzo Valle Roveto

Next to the river Liri, along the Valle Roveto, immersed in a natural paradise full of woods, streams and green fields, stands San Vincenzo Valle Roveto, a town that includes eight villages, including the authentic village of San Vincenzo Vecchio and other ancient nuclei of great historical interest, such as Morrea, San Giovanni Vecchio and Roccavivi. The panorama, which is presented to tourists who frequent the village of San Vincenzo Valle Roveto, is a silent landscape, characterized by the presence of extensive olive groves that give a note of color and charm to an already enchanting setting. The marvelous mountains and the numerous paths leading to the hermitages are the ideal place for hiking, mountain biking or horse riding. Typical of the village is the production of an excellent organic extra virgin olive oil, "green gold", a source of pride for all the Sanvincenzesi.

Provincia: L'Aquila

CAP: 67050

Prefisso: 0863

Altitudine: 388


41.8458246, 13.5368024