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Important center of the Sirente-Velino Park located at 1375 on the sea, at 39 Km from L'Aquila, is the ancient primitive Obinolum settlement of the Marsi, in a dominant position, at the southern limit of the Rocche plateau, derived from defensive needs for the populations of the valley that were centralized to protect themselves from the raids of the barbarians. The stronghold was destroyed during the social war that saw the Italic populations unite against Rome in 90 BC and was later rebuilt by the Lombards. In 1223 Tommaso, Count of Celano, took refuge there during his rebellion against Frederick II. In 1463 Ovindoli became a fief of Antonio Piccolomini, and until 1806 it belonged to the Celano County. The town preserves some artistic and historical reasons of the past. From the Marsica side is the natural gateway to the vast karstic plateau of the Rocche, enclosed between the Velino and Sirente massifs. Highly panoramic and climatic, Ovindoli is a well-known and well-equipped summer resort and winter sports center, including the Magnolia, with ski fields very well equipped with modern sports facilities and characterized by the abundance of snow and its permanence, given the excellent exposure and the remarkable altitude of the slopes that wind between 1400 and 2220 meters, for a length of 30 km of which 10 are equipped with a very modern automatic snow-making system. In winter, the center offers the possibility of cross-country skiing, alpine skiing and hiking. In the summer there are many opportunities for recreation offered to tourists: paths for hiking and horseback riding, mountain bike trails, paragliding, archery, freeclimbing. In the typical protected mountain environment (Regional Park Velino-Sirente) the flora is characterized by the presence of white hornbeam, Turkey oak, ash and extensive beech forests, and the fauna from the Marsican bear, the wolf and the wild cat, the deer and the roe deer, from the golden eagle, from the buzzard. A really interesting destination in the Abruzzo mountains, full of events during the seasons.

Provincia: L'Aquila

CAP: 67046

Prefisso: 0863

Altitudine: 1375m


42.1389723, 13.51743