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Francavilla al Mare

Francavilla al Mare is a delightful seaside resort, famous since the second half of the 19th century. Located in the province of Chieti, the town offers a wide range of entertainment and recreation options, with a good accommodation capacity. Ideal destination for families looking for quiet and well-equipped beaches, for young people who love sports activities and nightlife and for those who want a relaxing holiday with all the services at their fingertips. The coastal centre has very ancient origins, as evidenced by the archaeological finds of prehistoric, italic and Roman times. The first stable settlement dates back to the Longobard period, when a community freed from feudal constraints - hence the name Francavilla - settled there and traced its medieval urban plan "fish bone". At the end of the nineteenth century, the town became a point of reference for Italian and international culture thanks to the versatile and eclectic figure of Francesco Paolo Michetti and his "Cenacolo", a meeting place for intellectuals and artists. Regular visitors were Gabriele D'Annunzio, the writers Eduardo Scarfoglio and Matilde Serao, the sculptor Costantino Barbella and the musician Francesco Paolo Tosti. Among the sacred buildings, it is worth visiting the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, rebuilt in 1948 according to the architect's design Ludovico Quaroni, with friezes and ornaments in terracotta, majolica and stone by masters Andrea and Pietro Cascella. It preserves numerous sacred furnishings, including an important monstrance of the first certain work of Nicola da Guardiagrele dated 1413.

Learn more about it: http://www.comune.francavilla.ch.it


Provincia: Chieti

CAP: 66022

Prefisso: 085

Altitudine: 19m


42.415183, 14.2988085