San Giovanni In Venere Fossacesia


Lying on gentle hills overlooking the Adriatic Sea, Fossacesia is in the province of Chieti, in the heart of the Costa dei Trabocchi. Its territory develops north of the mouth of the river Sangro, where the coast is particularly jagged with bays and inlets alternating beaches of pebbles and sandy beaches. A rich Mediterranean vegetation is a frame, dotted with broom and sea fennel, with orange groves and olive groves that almost reach the sea. Inhabited already in pre-Roman times by the Frentani family, in the Middle Ages it became a feud of the splendid Cistercian basilica of San Giovanni in Venere that dominates the wide gulf below. The town centre preserves public palaces and noble villas built since 1600. Most of the accommodation facilities are located south of the rocky coast of Punta Cavalluccio, a very beautiful and well-preserved stretch of coast, made even more characteristic by trabocchi. Hiking and mountain-biking routes allow you to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the tranquility of the places. For sea lovers, the town also offers a landing place for pleasure boats.

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