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Abruzzo Set Cinematografico

Abruzzo, a movie set

Behind the mountains, the squares, the castles, the towns, the cities, the farmhouses that we see in some scenes of famous films can hide our land: Abruzzo. In fact, our landscapes, views, towns and cities have been the setting for important films by famous authors. The cinema chose our land as a location and then placed the cameras here, to film a natural scenery, full of suggestions, full of inspirations born to be photographed, filmed, illuminated.

It was 1954 when Federico Fellini chose the village of Ovindoli to shoot some scenes of the film "La strada" in front of the inhabitants of the small town who looked at the great master, curious and amazed. In 1956 he turned to Scanno "Uomini e lupi" and in 1985 was shot, among the rocks and stones of the castle of Calascio, "Lady Hawk", a fairytale of great success with the beautiful Michelle Pfeiffer.

The boundless plain of Campo Imperatore, located at 1800 meters above sea level, was the set of many successful films: "the desert of tartars" by Valerio Zurlini, shot on the plateau imagining being on the edge of the Black Sea, "the name of the rose", "King David", "Così è la vita" with Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo who has the background of the Gran Sasso peaks in the final scenes and the "Trinity" series with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. In 2007, the wonderful French film "the fox and the child" was filmed in the Abruzzo National Park. Among the streets of Santo Stefano, a medieval village at the foot of the Gran Sasso, among the stone houses near each other, "A pure formality" was filmed with Gerard Depardieu, "Porzus" a film about resistance, and "La maledizione dell’Agave" by Riccardo Milani. At Pescocostanzo and Alfedena many scenes of "I Briganti italiani" were filmed in 1961 with Rosanna Schiaffino and Vittorio Gassman, also in Pescocostanzo "Straziami ma di baci saziami" with Nino Manfredi and, in the splendid nature of the Altipiani Maggiori, Celentano set in part "Joan Lui"; in Barrea, in the enchanting scenery of the lake, scenes of the film "La messa è finita" by Nanni Moretti were filmed. Our cities then, with their monuments, have been the ideal set of many films such as "Parenti serpenti", "Fontamara" shot on the streets of Sulmona, while L'Aquila has seen, especially in recent years, several interesting productions with film by young directors and established authors as "Anche libero va bene" with Kim Rossi Stuart "Guardiani delle nuvole", "Il viaggio della sposa", "Ai piedi della montagna" "Il sole anche di notte" by the Taviani brothers. Between September and November 2009 Sulmona and Castel del Monte were international film sets for the film "The American" with George Clooney.

In addition to the cinema, numerous television fictions of our day have had settings like the landscapes of our cities. The television has long discovered the Abruzzo, just remember the script of Schivazzappa in 1972 "Vino e pane" taken from the homonymous book by Silone, made for the most part in the historic center of Pescocostanzo. Often, in many music videos, we recognize the scenarios of the Campo Imperatore plateau. A Region, which has made available to the cinema and television the nobility of its landscape, the sobriety and elegance of the villages and inhabited centers, the castles, the views that famous directors and young talents wanted to immortalize in the magic of celluloid.