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The village of Aielli, whose territory is part of the Regional Park Velino-Sirente, is a treasure chest to discover. Lying on a calcareous rocky spur, it is surrounded by two streams: this position, easily defensible from enemy attacks, has made it for centuries the ideal place for defense and observation of the territory. The village, then, is rich in historical and artistic elements of great value, including the imposing medieval tower of 1300, called Torre delle Stelle which today is an important astronomical observatory open to the public, which also houses the Museum of Heaven and a scientific library. To close in beauty, deserves a parenthesis the local cuisine. The typical products of Aielli are strongly linked to the strong flavors of Abruzzo tradition: wines, sausages, oils, cheeses and sweets tell the story of the close interweaving that unites the local community to the land.


Provincia: L'Aquila

CAP: 67041

Prefisso: 0863

Altitudine: 1021m


42.0784862, 13.5841871

The important cultural institution was born as Museum of Sacred Art in fact, in it, have merged all the abandoned finds in the attics of the sacristies and churches of St. John and Paul Martyrs and Our Lady of Grace being part of the artistic-devotional dowry of the ancient churches of Cerchio: first of all the ancient church matrix S. Maria dell'Annunziata vulgarly called within the walls.

The Museum of Sacred Art of Marsica, which is located in the castle Piccolomini of Celano, was created in collaboration with the Diocese of Mars, to exhibit, protect and enhance the artistic heritage of Marsica.

The museum was founded in 1992 and set inside Piccolomini Castle. It contains very precious sacred art-works and sculptures, connected to the elegant and renowned liturgical art production which distinguished the area of the Marsica between the VI and the XVII century.