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Salame Aquila

Aquila salami


This raw charcuterie is now made all around the region. It is a medium-size, medium-grain salami made with pork from heavy pigs; it is pressed during maturing so that it retains its flag, elongated shape. The recipe uses fresh lean and fatty pork, well-trimmed of connective tissue and the low-melting soft fats. The fresh item weighs 500-600g.

The meat from shoulder, neck, loin, leg and belly is ground using a meat grinder for sausage-making. 
After mincing, the meat is manipulated for enough time to mix ingredients (salt, ground and whole pepper, white wine) thoroughly. After being cased, the salami is aged and cured for at least 30 days, in controlled thermoudo metric and/or temperature conditions, at no more than 15°C. 

L.T. 19-01-2021