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Built between the 6th and 8th centuries, the town developed following the progressive abandonment of the Roman cities of Furfo and Peltuino, Barisciano, at 940 meters above sea level, at 19 Km from L'Aquila, it is located at the base of a mountain crowned by ruins of a fortified wall, and the mountain of the fajeta (Cima di Faiete, m.1915) divides it from the Campo Imperatore plateau. A country steeped in history, memories, traditions, with the presence of large squares and important monuments. On the top of the hill above the village, the ruins of the ancient castle are evident. In the city center they stand out visually: the parish church of San Flaviano, the church of the SS Trinità, that of Santa Maria di Valleverde and, further away, surrounded by greenery, the convent of San Colombo. The presence of doors and windows with jambs in worked stone and round arches, also in stone, in small houses also gives dignity to minor architecture. Until the middle of the twentieth century, pastoralism was the main source of income, accompanied by some agricultural crops (saffron, potatoes, wheat, almond and lentils) and craft activities related to the main sources of community support. The large families were the social and economic reference and Barisciano played an important role in the territory during the long period of transhumance. Infeited to many important families, at the end of the 16th century it became a fief of the Caracciolo family. The Municipality of Barisciano has sufficient commercial support and a good network of both public and private services. It is a starting point for ideal routes to discover the ancient mountain villages (Santo Stefano di Sessanio, Calascio, Castel del Monte), which lead to the grandeur of the plain of Campo Imperatore and south towards the Piana di Navelli, where other towns of ancient civilization rich in historical and environmental peculiarities. The villages of Petogna, Villa di Mezzo, Picenze and San Martino belong to Barisciano. A highly panoramic climatic center, it hosts "L'Altra Fiera" in the month of June, a review of tourism, crafts and typical products of Abruzzo, but throughout the year, especially during the summer holidays and the end of year festivities. Barisciano offers visitors a varied program of activities and events.

Provincia: L'Aquila

CAP: 67021

Prefisso: 0862

Altitudine: 940


42.3232619, 13.5925304

The Museum allows visitors to take a trip through the Park's plant diversity and is an original initiative, one of the few of its kind in Italy and Europe.

A short distance from the centre of San Demetrio ne' Vestini, there is the small Lake of Sinizzo which, thanks to its emerald green waters, is considered the "beach of L'Aquila". Ideal place to spend a day in full contact with nature, immersing yourself in its bathing waters and camping with the tent.