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Bear Museum - Villavallelonga (aq)

In the heart of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, in the beautiful village of Villavallelonga at 1005 meters above sea level, stands the Visitor Center of the Bear of Villavallelonga. Structure of the Park, managed since April 2009 by Sherpa coop, the Visitor Centre was established as an educational and information structure focused on the figure of the famous plantigrade symbol of the Park, the Marsican Brown Bear. Thanks to a large wildlife area visitors can also observe Yoga, a female Marsican Bear Bruno and a male baptized in 1982 Sandrino in honor of the then President of the Republic Sandro Pertini. The museum itinerary illustrates the life of this famous plantigrade through panels, notice boards and dioramas; temporary exhibitions are periodically held. A point of interpretation of nature is dedicated to the young visitors and in the adjoining projection room it is possible to watch general or specific naturalistic films on the life and habits of the Bear. environmental educators also provide environmental animation services and guided tours inside the structure (min. 10 people)

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