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Guerriero di Capestrano Guerriero di Capestrano


Let us be amazed and captured by the story, the mystery and the fascination that leaked from the enigmatic Capestrano Warrior! Have you ever seen it closely? It is an experience that alone is worth the trip!!!

The imposing Capestrano Warrior is an "icon" symbol of Abruzzo and its identity. The sculpture, dating back to the mid-6th century a.C., represents a male figure, with arms folded on his chest, in military costume; in reality it is a funerary statue of a warrior prince, placed on the top of the mound of earth above the grave. The discovery was random in 1934 in the village of Capestrano (Aq), during the work of tilling a land. The statue, made from a single block of stone, has an extraordinary outlook: it is two meters high in addition to the base of almost half a meter in height and the width of the shoulders is almost 135 cm. It is a realistic and fantastic work at the same time, so far from any reductive aesthetic interpretation. The hat, shaped like a disc and with an incredible width, is completed by a hemispherical shell with a grafted crest that generates a sort of tail. Scholars have no shared opinion on facial features, simply stylized for some, a real protective or funerary mask for others. The beautiful and fascinating sculpture is exhibited in Chieti, in the National Archaeological Museum of Abruzzo Villa Frigerj.

And of course also Chieti, one of the oldest cities in Italy, so much that its historical origins are confused with mythology, deserves a careful visit to discover and admire its artistic and architectural treasures.


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