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Cappella De' Bartolomei Museum - Giulianova (TE)

In Piazza della Libertà, in Giulianova Paese, stands an elegant noble chapel, designed by the late architect Lupi di Teramo. After a narrow vestibule you enter the small hall covered by a dome that ends with a low lantern. Behind the altar there are still some steps of the ancient rear entrance of the chapel. This monument was built by the engineer Gaetano De' Bartolomei to honour the memory of his uncle Angelo Antonio Cosimo de' Bartolomei, archaeologist, poet, historian and economist. The interior is embellished with three beautiful marble works, created by the great Giuliese artist Raffaello Pagliaccetti.

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Piazza della Libertà, 64021 Giulianova (TE)

42.7501529, 13.9576534