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Caramanico Terme

Caramanico Terme

Caramanico Terme is part of the club "Most Beautiful Villages of Italy". The town of Abruzzo, of Lombard origin, still retains its medieval layout consisting of remains of houses-walls, ancient doors and evocative interweaving of alleys along the town, which is enhanced by some imposing mansions arose in the Renaissance period. Here the Abbey of Santa Maria Maggiore and the church of San Nicola (XI and XIV sec. - currently closed) are the main expressions of the Christian cult that finds a fascinating appendix in the church of San Tommaso Becket located in the homonymous fraction (XIII sec.) and considered of considerable artistic value. Because of its position in the Valle dell'Orta River, for the facilities and services offered, Caramanico is to be considered rightfully the "capital" of the Majella Park. From the center of the village it is possible, in a few minutes, to visit the Orfento Valley, the Celestine hermitages, the great agropastoral complexes and embark on the paths that lead to the slopes of the Majella up to the high altitude. Along the way of the Celestine hermitages, in particular, Caramanico is present with what is the most remote and mystical of all the spiritual retreats of Celestino V: the hermitage of San Giovanni, built at an altitude of 1227 meters above sea level. where the Pope of the "great refusal" led a life of contemplation in his isolation.

The extraordinary therapeutic virtues of the sulphurous waters of Caramanico Terme have been known for centuries. The first testimony that documents its widespread use dates back to 1576, when Father Serafino Razzi, Dominican preacher, on a pastoral visit to the area, describes in his travel diary the crowd of sick people (especially of scabies), who draw the "aqua putedra" at the source of the "Zolfanaia". "LA SALUTE" and "GISELLA" are sulphurous high-sulphurous mineral waters, in particular the first is that among the many used in thermal therapy, has the highest content of hydrogen sulphide. The most important properties are anti-inflammatory and eutrophic on the respiratory, osteoarticular, digestive, middle ear and skin. The therapeutic qualities of these extraordinary waters reactivate the physiological functions of the treated apparatuses and carry out prevention, treatment and rehabilitation activities. The "PISCIARELLO" is an oligomineral water with a diuretic effect, that is, it involves the increase of urinary elimination of the solutes (Urea Nitrogen, Uric Acid, Oxalic Acid, Mg, NaCl, etc).


Provincia: Pescara

CAP: 65023

Prefisso: 085

Altitudine: 650m


42.1611118, 14.0085976