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Castel del Monte
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Castel del Monte


Suspended between the peaks of the Gran Sasso and the Tirino valley, a stone miracle takes shape before our eyes: it is Castel del Monte, announced by the mighty bell tower.
The duration of the memories, here, is sweeter than elsewhere and materializes, as soon as you enter the village, in those wonderful pieces of popular architecture that are the ancient portals, the windows, the "vignali" (the external stairs), the arches of passage.

The compactness of the town, linked to defensive issues, required, due to the steep slope of the land, the model of the tower-house. The houses, arranged on the parallel lines to the level curves (the main roads) intersected by steep and tortuous connecting roads, are joined to each other through arches and vaults (the "sporti"). Thanks to all this poignant beauty, Castel del Monte has entered fully into being part of the Club of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy. Castel del Monte is a hub of ancient sheep tracks and transhumance, on the Aquila side of the Gran Sasso. It preserves a quality sheep's production, from pecorino cheese, made from strictly raw milk, which produces the famous "Canestrato" of Castel del Monte, until ricotta, from the rare "marcetto" (exquisite spicy cream of fermented pecorino cheese), to the "chiaranese", sheep's meat cooked slowly in large containers according to the use of shepherds.

Castel del Monte completes the skiing offer of the Gran Sasso Aquilano, with Campo Imperatore, Monte Cristo and Santo Stefano di Sessanio. The area for cross-country skiing in Castel del Monte is located in the nearby Campo Imperatore plain, between Piano di Cretarola and Fonte Pietrattina. These slopes are well known and appreciated by cross-country skiers all over Italy.

Ski Resort Area: Gran Sasso Aquilano
Altitude: 1346
Province: L'Aquila
Prefix: 0862
Post code: 67023

42.3647038, 13.7266016