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Cipolla bianca di Fara Filiorum Petri (Presidio Slow Food)

Fara Filiorum Petri's classic onion is flat, white, sweet and aromatic. Over time, the seeds had been lost and only recently have the local farmers been able to recover the original ones. Over the centuries, the cultivation of this particular onion, now a Slow Food Presidium, has found fertile soil in the alluvial and water-rich fields of this area, the so-called "onions", flat land located near the river. In addition to the seeds, the local festival, Fara Cipollara, which takes place every year in August, has also been recovered.
Also known as flatbread, this particular onion can accompany fresh salads and dishes based on livers, be roasted on the embers under the coppo (a special lid to be placed on the grill) or used for onion, a traditional dish based on onions that, cooked for a long time in a pot of earthenware, become soft and sweet. 

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