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Cooked Wine of Roccamontepiano

In a small village at the foot of the Majella, Roccamontepiano, the production of cooked wine is very extensive and important, a prestigious drink, a relic of Abruzzo culture. The Roccamontepiano cooked wine is obtained from an artisanal process of reducing the must during the harvest season by slowly cooking it in large copper vats. After the evaporation of water and 70% alcohol, it is placed in cask with the fresh must. This process produces a sweet or dry liqueur drink of an amber colour, often with a caramel flavour, also used to enhance the taste of homemade local sweets such as pizzelle, chickpea or grape jam kickballs, tarallucci and fried pizzas. The period of aging ranges from a minimum of 1 year up to 30/40 years and over and, as it varies, change the gradation, which is around 15 degrees and the flavor, dry or sweet, for the greater or lesser presence of residual sugars, the smell is intense and the aftertaste always dry and tasty. The colour varies from amber to garnet red to the characteristic rooster eye. It is ageing that progressively improves the quality of cooked wine, preserving its fragrance.
The cooked wine of Roccamontepiano is rich in polyphenols, antioxidants beneficial for health and is called today elixir of long life.

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